Roadmap Update

June 2024

Upcoming Costumes

We always have a number of new costumes in the works. Here is a sample of those you can expect in the future but in no particular order.

  • Master Milla
  • Elegant Aerie
  • The first custom costume that allows for clothing, hairstyle, and more customization including colors!
  • Parlor Moran
  • [Mirrosphere] Ruiko: Superintendent Ruiko
  • [Mirrosphere] Rechelle
  • :folding_hand_fan: Two player-decided re-colors of past costumes!
  • Characters 13, 14, and 15 are all coming throughout 2024!
  • The ESPIONAGE ZERO manga continues with Chapter Four just prior to the release of Character :one::three:.
  • We expect Character :one::three: will appear this summer.
Double Agent

New Mode: Double Agent

  • The next mode coming to the game has an exclusive role: the Double Agent .
  • This mode is locked to 8 players, with any combination of human and AI players being eligible.
  • At the start of each match, the Double Agent is randomly determined like any other role.
  • The Double Agent is now a fully secret role due to some additions in gameplay.
  • This player has their own Role Abilities that can alter everyone's perception of both themselves and all other players when used. While the motto of Team Espionage was Can you ever really trust anyone?, this mode now asks if you can trust yourself—even if that is long after the Double Agent has been eliminated or arrested...
  • Most importantly: This player has a set of randomly determined Missions to carry out in order to be considered victorious. Overall, this player's allegiance changes from match to match from Team Spy or Team Detective.
  • At the end of each match, the Missions of the Double Agent will be revealed along with whether each was a success or not, and then their identity.
  • This mode is expected to be released THIS SUMMER!