In 1958, on an island beyond the North Sea, a tournament of deduction is hosted by the last of a once-defunct criminal enterprise. Invited are an assortment of personalities that find there are few strangers amongst them, but all are promised a solitary reward for the eventual winner: "No wish will go ungranted". However, the specialized device each player now wears is used not only to participate in the game but compel them toward revelations none expect.


Raffles card

"Raffles" "Raffles"

ID 01

Age 22


Raffles card
Special Icon

Amateur Cracksman

Steal 35 AP from remaining players. Can't exceed AP Limit and will receive 35 AP from each player even if they have less.

Special Ability

Among the youngest participants at only twenty-two, "Raffles" is the moniker of an otherwise unknown thief. His father was a talented and obscure artist blacklisted after being deceived by a business partner. His most famous work—four paintings of the Meiringen Falls collected as The Seasons—was claimed as the partner's own work, and thus Raffles and his family fell into destitution. His father's accidental death preceded his mother's frailty soon thereafter. To survive his childhood and coinciding with his family's newfound poverty, Raffles's dedication as an illegalist only advanced alongside new advents in avoiding detection and the confident notion he would never be caught. Upon learning the truth of his father's legacy from an ailing mother, his life's mission became to steal back The Seasons and restore his father's name. However, upon stealing the first and aiming for the second at a black-market auction, he and a partner are interrupted with invitations to Espionage. Through winning, he is to be awarded the remaining pieces in the series as well as newfound evidence that would validate and restore his father's legacy while undoing that of those responsible.
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