In 1958, on an island beyond the North Sea, a tournament of deduction is hosted by the last of a once-defunct criminal enterprise. Invited are an assortment of personalities that find there are few strangers amongst them, but all are promised a solitary reward for the eventual winner: "No wish will go ungranted". However, the specialized device each player now wears is used not only to participate in the game but compel them toward revelations none expect.


Moran card

Saresh Ehsan Moran Saresh Ehsan Moran

ID 03

Age 42


Moran card
Special Icon

Second Danger

Set all Suspicion, including his own, to nominate everyone for arrest.

Special Ability

A Persian mercenary and veteran of innumerable conflicts, Saresh Ehsan Moran was considered amongst the world's most capable in weapons and sharpshooting. Once thought a man of honor on the battlefield, he pledged loyalty to the criminal mastermind Dr. Mallory for reasons unknown. Together, he helped lead an enterprise known as The Monarch that was only disbanded with the death of its leader. In the moments preceding Dr. Mallory’s death, Moran was responsible for the bullet that killed a war hero attempting to stop them and thus was forced to flee Switzerland to a life of seclusion elsewhere. Now, four years later, his return is marked by faces he finds familiar. Among them are an art dealer who brokered the exchange of a prized painting with his boss and an aimless drifter that once posed a threat greater than any other. As a participant, he is promised an opportunity for personal revenge and restoration of most he had lost.
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