In 1958, on an island beyond the North Sea, a tournament of deduction is hosted by the last of a once-defunct criminal enterprise. Invited are an assortment of personalities that find there are few strangers amongst them, but all are promised a solitary reward for the eventual winner: "No wish will go ungranted". However, the specialized device each player now wears is used not only to participate in the game but compel them toward revelations none expect.


Ruiko card

Ruiko Fujiwara Ruiko Fujiwara

ID 16

Age 30


Ruiko card
Special Icon

Divine Instinct

Decrease own AP Limit by 50 to cancel the target's next turn. This effect will carry forward to the next Round.

Special Ability

An engineer and accomplished Go player, Ruiko Fujiwara is one of the few to have encountered the last of the Monarch criminal empire and lived. Her life soon changed when she emerged the sole survivor and winner of a previous tournament held at his behest. Ruiko’s wish as the victor was granted as promised, yet was carried out with a barbarity that defied all expectation. Since the game's conclusion, Ruiko’s life has been one of emotional transience. The sister she had opted to save as her reward survived, but without every promise honored by her preservers. Ensuring her sibling’s well-being while appreciating the sinister nature of those in her presence left Ruiko with few reasons to return to her old life. It was in the midst of such uncertainty that—for reasons initially unknown—Lefénom again called upon her to participate in a tournament of his design.
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