In 1958, on an island beyond the North Sea, a tournament of deduction is hosted by the last of a once-defunct criminal enterprise. Invited are an assortment of personalities that find there are few strangers amongst them, but all are promised a solitary reward for the eventual winner: "No wish will go ungranted". However, the specialized device each player now wears is used not only to participate in the game but compel them toward revelations none expect.


Milla card

Carmilla Lyceum le Fanu Carmilla Lyceum le Fanu

ID 06

Age ??


Milla card
Special Icon


Steal 20 from another player's AP Limit to add to her own. Works even if the target is already at the minimum amount allowed.

Special Ability

An appraiser and art historian with unrivaled knowledge of several generations' output, Carmilla “Milla” Lyceum le Fanu finds herself working both within official channels and those less reputable. Her apparent youth, despite the age of her career, has led many to joke of her longevity while stories years-old of those waking with "marks" on their neck after encountering her have led to wholly competing conclusions. Two years prior to Espionage, Milla’s catching of a young thief in her loft seeking information on The Seasons paintings changed much for the both of them. Ultimately becoming his mentor, the pair partnered under the guise of returning stolen art to its rightful owners—all while retaliating against those who had wronged them in the past. At the game's close, should she have won, Milla will not only find the cure to the affliction that has long plagued her but also the whereabouts of the woman whose heart she thought her own, only to disappear in the midst of the last great war.
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