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Welcome to Espionage

ESPIONAGE: Mafia Evolved is a free-to-play social deduction game for PC and mobile devices in which you attempt to find your adversaries hidden amongst the other players. This game has NO ads, NO play limits, and NO pay-to-win mechanics and features full cross-play and cross-progression!


Team Spy

Evade or Eliminate the Detective at all costs


Team Detective

Work together to find the Spy



In 1958, on an island beyond the North Sea, a tournament of deduction is hosted by the last of a once-defunct criminal enterprise. Invited are an assortment of personalities that find there are few strangers amongst them, but all are promised a solitary reward for the eventual winner: "No wish will go ungranted". However, the specialized device each player now wears is used not only to participate in the game but compel them toward revelations none expect.